Hi, my name is Jeff Yurek, I work at an advanced materials company called Nanosys that manufactures Quantum Dots for displays. In my work the display business, I’ve noticed a lot of confusion around color science and image quality.

I’ve started this blog as a way to get to the bottom of some of this stuff and share what I’ve learned. My aim is to synthesize information I’ve accumulated in order to provide a useful way for us to understand why great color is so important and exciting.

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  1. Any chance you could talk about monitor gamma? I have a massive educational gap with this term although a photographic education and work in film demands some solid knowledge about it.

  2. hi Jeff..
    thanks a lot for this information in your blog.
    i have one question,
    i want to know what are the different between CIE 1931 and CIE 2012?
    is it about color gamut or CIELAB
    do you know about it?
    hopefully u can inform about that.

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Great blog!
    I would like to know what software/tool you are using for your CIE chromaticity diagram.

    Thanks in advance

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